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Doctor Kenya

We have designing and providing graphic work for Limitex East Africa, both digital and print work including annual reports and...

Limitex E.A.

We have designing and providing graphic work for Limitex East Africa, both digital and print work including annual reports and...


Art work and graphics design for UNICEF Somalia for publications and prints both in Somali and in english.

Dr Sarah Bodo

Dr Bodo needed a strong visual identity that its customers could fall in love with. It needed to consist of...

H.E. Stephen Kalonzo

His Excellency needed a strong new visual identity that his followers could fall in love with. We were contacted for...


Our client recently created a n all in one fitness club and required a digital way to get this service...


Details coming soon

Janato Chicken Supply

Details coming soon

Gigantomastia Foundation

Details coming soon

House of Betty

Details coming soon

Pewan Butcheries

Details coming soon


Details coming soon

Generale Godo

At Equatorial, we have completed projects ranging from media planning, branding, digital programmatic and content creation, website, social media,  and...

XBRL Limited

Details coming soon

Zee Homes

Details coming soon

Motor Turb Limited

Details coming soon

Kenya Marine Mammal Research & Conservation

Details coming soon


Art work and graphics design for DINGAH Magazines and online platform in English and Swahili for publications, prints and online...

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